Beta Diagnostici is a distributing Company for the most important Italian and foreign companies. Moreover, it represents as exclusive distributor in Italy:

  • Omega Diagnostics, an English company specialized in high quality ELISA products for autoimmunity, immunology, microbiology and food intolerance.
  • Fujirebio-CanAg, a Swedish company leader in research and development of monoclonal antibodies specific for the most important tumor markers and in the production of the relative EIA kits.
  • Operon Diagnostics, a Spanish company based in Zaragoza specialized in manufacturing Rapid Tests and Molecular Biology
  • DRG, a German company specialized in the manufacture of ELISA kits in fertility fields, tumor markers and diabetes.
  • DIAPRO, a private company founded in 1996 in Milan – Italy, with international experience and expertise in the field of Immunodiagnostics (RIA, EIA, ELISA) for infectious diseases.
  • Fumouze Diagnostics, a French company among the first manufacturers of manual tests that operates as a subsidiary of Biosynex S.A.


Omega Diagnostics, is specialized in the production of high quality ELISA diagnostic tests for use in autoimmunity, immunology and Microbiology laboratories.

Tests are developed in-house within purpose built laboratories equipped with state of the art equipment.

They work closely with major instrument manufacturers to validate the performance of our kits on automated ELISA systems.

The products are designed to provide ease-of-use and all our ELISA kits incorporate the highest quality reagents to ensure consistency, reliability and long shelf life.

They have a dedicated team of experienced research scientists who are committed to researching and developing new products and improved test methods to aid patient diagnosis.

Customer consultation is a key element in our strategy for the development and production of kits that meet market needs and exceed expectations.

Quality assurance is the cornerstone of the Company’s success. The quality management system was one of the first in the industry to obtain ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certification and all aspects of product design and manufacture are carried out accordance with these standards.

Where possible, the diagnostic assays are subject to ongoing evaluation in national and international external quality assessment schemes.

The performances of assays are, without exception, rated as excellent/good by UK NEQAS.

The products have performed consistently well in head-to-head comparisons with kits produced by other manufacturers, as revealed by evaluations conducted by the “Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)”.

For example, Omega Diagnostics’ Tissue Transglutaminase IgA ELISA was identified as having the highest clinical sensitivity and greatest accuracy in a recent MHRA evaluation.

All products for sale in the EEC are CE marked in compliance with Directive 98/79EC and products sold into the Canadian Market are ISO 13485:2003 CMDCAS approved.

Fujirebio CanAg is a biotechnology company focused on research and development of immunological reagents and laboratory tests.

For more than 20 years, the company has been developing clinically evaluated reagents and diagnostic kits for improved diagnosis and management of patients with common solid cancers and brain disease.

In particular, CanAg Diagnostics has a worldwide recognition for the quality and documentation for its range of monoclonal antibodies, the most frequently used tumor markers.

CanAg Diagnostics incorporates all functions required – research & development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales – to provide adequate support to its customers.

The company supplies its products to the international diagnostics and pharma industry, as well as to hospitals and laboratories through a global network of distributors.

All products for sale in the EEC are CE marked in compliance with Directive 98/79EC.

Operon S.A. is a Spanish company active since 1973 involved in research, development and production of immunodiagnostics.

They produce themselves, in their facilities, the necessary monoclonal antibodiesrecombinant antigens and all the other reagents needed in the manufacture of their products. Nowadays they offer to customers the manufacturing of antibodies and antigens from a few milligrams up to several grams using bioreactors.

Their rapid test (lateral flow) are produced using latex particles that allow to distinguish different colours in the result and control lines (PINK/RED, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE). This fact makes their tests very attractive for the end-user. They have been producing some of these tests for nearly twenty years.

They are supplying their products to important international companies. All their large experience running out IVD projects enables them to offer the developing of new customized products for clients.

DRG Instruments specializes in the manufacture of enzyme immunoassays (ELISA’s) in fields like fertility, diabetes and tumor diagnosis.

The internal research and development personnel enables DRG to develop and quickly modify tests according to individual customer requirements.

The DRG ELISA kits compete effectively in both price and performance in all major world diagnostics markets.

DRG is a ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company.

All products for sale in the EEC are CE marked in compliance with Directive 98/79EC.

Dia.Pro Diagnostic Bioprobes srl develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of high-quality and trusted branded IVD’s.

A made in Italy company, dedicated to providing innovative and cost effective in-vitro diagnostic products, whilst upholding the quality set by the European Directive 98/79/CE for (IVDD), ISO 13485:2003 and other International Standards of Excellence.

It has an extensive experience in automation and assay development, matured on market leader instruments (SARA, DIA.BLOod, Labotech, Brio, Alisei, Triturus, Mago and Rosys’s, Tecan’s, TKA’s work-stations). In-house development and production of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, synthetic peptides and native highly purified antigens. The company is MIUR accredited for National Research.

Fumouze Diagnostic is a French company among the first manufacturers of manual tests that operates as a subsidiary of Biosynex S.A. It offers products related to bacteriology, biochemistry/immunochemistry, emergency, mycology, parasitology, pregnancy, rheumatoid factors, virology, and sample collection.

Exclusive Distributor