Hepcidin 25 Bioactive HS ELISA

The gold standard in Hepcidin measurement

The DRG Hepcidin 25 Bioactive Elisa is an enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative in vitro diagnostic measurement of Hepcidin in serum and in plasma.
Hepcidin is a 25 amino acid, cysteine-rich peptide hormone, produced by the liver. Hepcidin controls plasma iron levels by acting on the Fe-transporter ferroportin.

This reduces the absorption of iron from the intestine and the release of iron in the macrophage and hepatocyte. Hepcidin is secreted in response to iron overload and inflammation while its concentration decreases during iron depletion.
Hepcidin deficiency can result in hereditary hemochromatosis (body iron overload) which can progress to liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.

In contrast, defects in Matripase-2 gene reduce Hepcidin synthesis resulting in extremely low transferrin saturation and low to normal ferritin concentrations. Furthermore, infections and inflammation lead to increased Hepcidin concentrations, causing iron deficiency that ultimately prevents growth of extracellular growing microorganisms.

SENSITIVITY: the analytical sensitivity of Hepcidin 25 Bioactive ELISA DRG is 0.153ng / Ml
SPECIFICITY – percentage of cross-reactivity
  • Prohepcidin  < 0,001%
  • Insulin < 0,001%
  • Hepcidin-22 – 24,2%
  • Hepcidin-20 – 87,7%

DYNAMIC RANGE – the dynamic range of Hepcidin 25 Bioactive ELISA is between 0.153 – 81 ng / mL


  • Easy and straight forward assay procedure

(no extraction or centrifugation)

  • Total assay time <2 hours
  • All reagents ready to use
  • Two controls included in the kit
  • High sensitivity
  • Good correlation to SELDI-TOF-MS


Description Code Size
Hepcidin 25 bioactive ELISA EIA-5782 96 test

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