Reader & Washer

Automatic ELISA Plate Analyser & Washer


  • Built in printer.
  • Plate shaking facility with variable speed and duration
  • Ability to read plate within seconds
  • Digital light control with unique circuit for long lamp life
  • Matrix mode for Result printing
  • Multiple blank setting in cut off mode
  • Storage of calibration curves
  • Storage of Plate results
  • Bichromatic and Trichromatic Readings
  • Various Curve fit mode like


  • Auto rinse facility while shut down.
  • Ability to wash single strip of 8 wells.
  • User programmable soak time, wash cycles and dispensing volume.
  • On Board two plate incubator at 37°C with programmable timer.
  • Waste bottle full warning with audible alarm.
  • Continuous aspiration to prevent overflow.

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